Thursday, 26 January 2012

Oh wow.....

For the past couple of weeks, I've been thinking to myself that I need somewhere to vent my photography related thoughts, successes, failures, pretty much anything that comes to mind whilst going about my job as a photographer.

So tonight, I logged in to to set up a new blog just for that purpose. Turns out, I already thought of it ! Quite aptly, I already had a blog called The Mad Snappers Blog. I must have been bored one night, or had something to say, set it up, then forgot all about it.

Well, as it's already here, guess I might as well use it :).

I am already thinking that this might be the page I incorporate into my new look website. We'll see.

For now, I'm glad I have somewhere to rant, er that is to say, write down my very intellectual thoughts on a very difficult subject ;).

As I write this, I currently have no followers, therefore, to be in keeping with the title, MAD Snappers Blog, I continue to write this to myself.

The Madness has started, enjoy it when you finally stumble across this page ;).

How about my first Photo Of The Day ?

Here ya go .....

Sometimes, when undecided, its better to keep on flying, if it's meant to be, you'll fly by again some day, and when you land, something even better will be waiting for you. - {Damon of Damon Cannard Photography - January 2012}

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